Zapcash (ZPC)

ICO start:2018-07-30

ICO end:2018-08-30

category:Smart Contract


Zapcash is Decentralized Lending Platform

Our mission
Help people build wealth in blockchain with our lending program based on Zapcash trading bot.

The problem we are solving
It’s so difficult for beginners to start trading and make earning in cryptocurrency market. Many people lose money instead of making them because lack of experience and knowledge.

How we solve it
We use machine intelligence to maximize trading profits. Zapcash trading bot uses the arsenal of trading algorithms, ranging from traditional technical analysis to state of the art machine learning techniques.

Zapcash is a DAPP build on top of Ethereum decentralized platform. Zapcash application run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.

Token economy
90% of ZPC tokens will be distributed to mass only 10% will be reserved for company and have a lockup of over 1 year.
90% of ZPC tokens will be in circulation supply and our total supply is fixed.


Zapcash Overview

Symbol ZPC
Platform Ethereum
Category Smart Contract
Price 1 ZPC = $0.30 USD
Total Supply 20000000
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