Traid (TRAID)

ICO start:2018-07-22

ICO end:2018-08-18



Traid platform is revolutionizing crypto trading education by bringing the world’s top traders as your live mentors. Learn exactly how the world’s top traders make consistent gains and how they utilize the most profitable trading and ICO investing strategies. Learn when to trade, what to trade and how to trade with easy-to-understand, fun-to-watch live videos delivered by handpicked traders with verified track records. Learn how to turn a tiny investment into unprecedented gains by watching what the world’s leading crypto traders and investors are doing.

Crypto market is overflowed with shillers and shady traders with hidden agendas. It’s come to a point where finding honest traders to follow and learn from is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Newcomers lose fortunes and regret the day they started trading because they don’t have proper guidance. That’s where steps in. is a robust crypto educational platform where students of all skill levels can learn from the best. Hand-picked professional traders will take you by the hand and show you how they trade, when they trade and what they trade. Learn by watching LIVE what the world’s best traders are doing.

Want to become a crypto trader but not sure where to begin? Traid will help you get started.

Want to share your crypto trading and investing knowledge with the world and get rewarded for doing so? Traid will allow expert traders and investors to broadcast instructional videos to the masses and charge viewers for the consumption of their live broadcasts.

Verified instructors will be enrolled into a subscription, advertising and donations programs. Instructors will have the ability to run ads on their stream, accept paid subscriptions and donations on their channel and receive 90% of the total revenue generated. Build your name and establish your reputation by sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world.

Traid coin will be essential to the function of the platform and it will be used to access various premium features. It will also serve as a reusable resource enabling coin holders to reuse their staking rewards towards ongoing participation and learning on the platform.

All major cryptocurrencies will be accepted as payment on the platform, but students will get a 50% discount on all premium subscriptions if purchases are made using Traid coin. We believe such coin economics will positivelly impact the coin’s intrinsic value over time and that its actual use cases on the platform will drive its adoption in the long term.


Traid Overview

Symbol TRAID
Platform Other
Category Education
Price 1 TRAID = 0.06$
Total Supply 252000000
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