Cryptolink Network (Pre-sale) (CLN)

ICO start:2018-07-13

ICO end:2018-08-03

category:Smart Contract


A Fully Decentralized Oracle NetworkThe Crypto LINK Network provides smart contracts with data, bank payments and access to APIs.

We’re Solving the Connectivity Problem, a Key Limiting Factor for Smart Contract Usability

As developers begin to implement their chosen smart contract, they encounter the connectivity problem; their smart contract is unable to connect with key external resources like off-chain data and APIs. This lack of external connectivity is due to the method by which consensus is reached around a blockchain’s transaction data, and will, therefore, be a problem for every smart contract network.


Cryptolink Network (Pre-sale) Overview

Symbol CLN
Platform Ethereum
Category Smart Contract
Price 1 CLN = 0.33 USD
Total Supply 100000000
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